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Favorite RV Travel Apps 2013

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Traveling fulltime requires a constant stream of preparation.  In the old days that meant pulling out a road atlas, an enormous campground directory and a CB radio.  But these days, apps are a traveler’s best friend. Not only are the databases much larger than the printed directories, but the good ones are updated regularly with comments and more information than one could possibly use.

Two things are most important to me when finding and using any app:

Firstly, I want it to be either free or only have a one-time nominal fee.  I won’t pay high prices or monthly subscriptions.

Secondly, I want the location-based apps to be map based.  This means that when I click on one, the first screen I see is a map with my current location flagged and with flags of whatever I’m searching for surrounding it.  There is nothing worse than having to work your way through lists to only find that there are none of what you’re looking for in the direct area you are searching.

My favorite RV travel apps in 2013
My favorite RV travel apps in 2013

1. WeatherBug: I absolutely love this app.  I have the free version yet it keeps me up to date on multiple locations with active weather alerts and can be enabled to keep a constant watch on “My Location” as one is traveling.  I keep alerts active on my home base, my close family locations, my current location and wherever I happen to be heading to next.

2. We Camp Here: This is the best all-inclusive campground directory I found that is also map based.

3. Scanner Radio: This app allows one to listen in on local emergency radios.  It is more useful in larger metro areas and I liked to use it when in extreme weather.

4. Fandango: Who doesn’t need a good movie break every now and then?  This app works nationwide and I could always find the chains that I prefer.

5. Allstays CRV Military: There are many categories of Allstays apps.  The military app lists campgrounds and areas open to military and DOD civilian personnel.  These locations usually have required identification and specific affiliation for use.

6. Allstays Walmart: Lists all Walmart and Sam’s Club locations and whether or not they have allowed overnight RV and/or semi-truck parking.  There are often notes for individual locations, and app users can add notes about where to park, friendliness of staff, noise, lighting, etc.

7. Allstays RV Dumps: Lists both free and fee-based RV dumps, including campgrounds that allow specific services on a fee basis.

8. Allstays Rest Stops: Lets one know where state rest stops are located and often has notes about allowed length stays and whether overnight parking is allowed.

9. Domino’s: Our favorite pizza chain with all of our favorite pizza and order combinations saved in one place.  Simply enter your current location.  If there is a Domino’s in your area you’ll be able to find out if delivery and/or pick-up services available.

10. History Here: Ever wonder what there is to do or go see where you are?  This app can be set to automatically alert you to nearby sights.  A similar app that many roadschooling families(homeschooling families rv’ing fulltime) use is “Field trip.”  Be careful with these though, if you turn on he automatic alerts you might get more of an earful in notices than what you would prefer.

11. WordPress: My favorite place to write about traveling tUUsome!

12. myPilot: This app lists locations for both Pilot and Flying J travel stations.  Especially great are the Flying J stations with dedicated RV lanes.  These lanes normally provide unleaded gas and diesel, propane, dump stations, air and longer windshield cleaners in easy in-and-out lanes.  With a free myPilot card for rv’ers, one can also get gas and store discounts and half-price dump station use.

So what are your favorite travel apps? 

Share them here or on our Facebook page.  We’d love to try them!

Louisville tomorrow

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On my way to Louisville, Kentucky, tomorrow for my corneal transplant.  This is my second one and after the pain of the last I’m not all too excited for the experience but, I am excited for the results.  None of what Austin and I have done the past couple of years would have been possible had I not had the surgery in my left eye in 2005–no driving for sure.  Which means it would never have been possible for us to have lived on the road fulltime and enjoyed the sights and sounds of the country.

So with the New Year at hand, I hope to begin it with the ability to see the world with both eyes, clear and beautiful.  Only another reason to be out there and enjoying all that Mother Nature and the road have to offer.  And to think of how much more fun my photography hobby will be with a new lease on how I see the world!

So wish me luck, good blessings and adieu for awhile, with hopes of still making our plans to be in Chicago by the second week in January!

One of my favorite photos, taken at my parents' home in Ohio
One of my favorite photos, taken at my parents’ home in Ohio

Why I’m getting surgery: https://travelingtuusome.com/2013/11/25/keratoconus-ker%c2%b7a%c2%b7to%c2%b7co%c2%b7nus/