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Still with the goal of seminary swishing around in my thoughts, I decided to take some graduate courses in literature.  With my bachelor’s degree in English, I chose a liberal studies program focusing on gender, religion and social issues, while also working to improve my writing skills.


Needing to write about an epiphany in my life, I was facing a deadline and had settled on something plain-Jane to get the job done.  But when I began writing, the story was not so plain at all.

What fell onto the page was my early steps to finding my own religion, or even so, finding Unitarian Universalism.

From my early years as a veritable latchkey kid, spending more time tromping between school and (insert name of the latest-independent-fundamental-Baptist-church here) than I did getting my ass home.

It all spilled out, bouts of brimstone by greased old men in cheap suits, missed Sunday evenings with Mickey and The Wonderful World of Disney, and years of over-involvement, prayers for heathens, and groups of righteous people joining to discuss the second coming while eating ambrosia salad with tater tot casseroles, always ending our prayers with the name of Jesus because only heathens prayed only to God.

It was the awareness of an awakening.  A growth that I hadn’t acknowledged.  The discovery of my faith in the joining of words, in poetry, in writing, in essays and speeches, and my transcendence beyond the faith of my fathers.

I was 16-years-old, and I had taken the first step to my own freedom of religion.


Boise UU Fellowship in Pictures

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Such a beautiful location and mini-park on the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship campus. 

Here are a few of the things we loved!

Come June

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Come June, the lilies will be blooming, the summer birds will return, and I will be back in the RV headed to New England!

Visited States
UU Visited States

Top 5 Bucket List items, for Life!

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If you’ve been following me on my blog Dusty’s Musings, you’ve seen that I’ve been working through my top 5 bucket list items over the past couple weeks.  It took some serious brain power and a little bit of smoking ears here and there, but my list is complete!

Top 5 Bucket List Items


Live a year in Alaska!
Bucket List #1: Live a year in Alaska!


Bucket List #2: Circumnavigate the Globe!
Bucket List #2: Circumnavigate the Globe


Bucket List #3: Live to 100
Bucket List #3: Live to 100


Bucket List #4: Live off-grid
Bucket List #4: Live off-grid


Bucket List #5: Complete a pilgrimage
Bucket List #5: Complete a UU pilgrimage


Details and plans collude at Dusty’s Musings.  Life won’t just happen on it’s own.  Okay, at least a life worth living won’t just happen on it’s own!

Thanks again to Lesley Carter at Bucket List Publcations!

A very Loving January

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Hope everyone is having a loving January!



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Thank you for visiting our site!  We are now in preparation for our January 1st launch on a year long journey to every state, Washington D.C. and Ottawa, Canada, in search for the true identity of modern Unitarian Universalism.

We hope to see you in our travels!