GA Banner Snippets

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A short photo blog of some of my favorite snippets taken from the myriad of UU banners hung along the Blue Mile at General Assembly (GA), Kentucky International Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky.

Snowy morning

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Woke up to a beautiful snowy morning in Maryland while parked at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick.  As I walked around the campus I couldn’t help but feel the spirits around me–children playing on the slide, couples sitting on the benches, and faeries enjoying the labyrinth.  It was spring on the calendar and spring in my mind, bringing me warm, fuzzy feelings as though I were truly not alone.

UUC Sarasota in photos

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I loved the structures and gardens so much I couldn’t help myself–nearly 100 pictures!  Possibly my withdrawals from what looked and felt like spring?

Here’s a quick sampling …