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As UUs, we as a group are deeply concerned about our environment and the love we provide to it.  Of course personally, I’m no different!  Through my love of our environment, and in finding some roots, I’ve started a new blog, permie love, to follow me in my quest for supporting the permaculture movement while developing and growing my personal patch of six acres lent to me by Mother Earth.

permie love will give regular “love tips,” or small steps that each of us can take in everyday life to support and sustain the environment, while also following me along my quest to become a Purdue Master Gardener.

I also plan to begin inventories of my surroundings in picture form.  Wildlife, native and introduced fauna inventories, and even practical suggestions and projects for reducing waste and using the land to support humans in an Earth friendly ecosystem.

So please go visit the new site and give me some permie love!


What are your thoughts?

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