Gator Country

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Last weekend while leaving our home state of Texas, Austin and I made one last had-to stop in Beaumont.  Owned by conservationist Gary Saurage, Gator Country is an alligator rescue facility in the East Texas bayou country.  With over 300 live alligators, plus many other reptiles and animals, the facility is touted as the “premier alligator wildlife park in Texas.”  Saurage has been featured on CMT, Animal Planet, Bravo and A&E, as well as international documentaries.  Currently he can be seen guest starring with Billy the Exterminator on A&E.

While there we enjoyed the ability to touch and pet alligators, tortoises, a raccoon, and a large albino boa named Banana.  And although the facility is on winter schedule, Gary himself joined in our group and made sure our experience was both exciting and educational.

This is a great stop for kids of all ages.  There is a full playground for the children to let loose, and activities for adults and children including fun interactive educational shows.

For more information on visiting Gator Country:

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