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Remember that old song by Carly Simon?  It’s been ringing in my ears these days.  Just the thought of being back on the road, staying in a new city most every night and a new state every week.  It brings me butterflies and wracks my organizational Type A brain all at one time.wpid-2012-07-07-12.27.34.jpg

Unfortunately, I’ve found myself turning into a procrastinator.  I keep asking myself, “Where is this coming from?”  I’ve done all the tests that prove just how anal I am, I have ALWAYS been the one early, ready, and obnoxiously on point and on schedule.  But now?  I’m lost in a sea of, *eh* … really!

Is it age that makes me realize that some things are more important?  When did sitting outside under the awning become more important than planning my trip, emailing contacts at my upcoming locations, looking up campgrounds, …

Okay, so the list could go on forever.  I just want to be out there.  I want to be on the road with, “Yeah, we’ll be there by Sunday but until then, we have six days to travel all of 250 miles and nothing else on the schedule.”   I want to hit the parks, the zoos, the museums, and take time to just sit by the side of the road and enjoy the view of the skyline or the mountains, or whatever happens to be in my back yard that night.  Think about it, in just a few weeks, the entire country will be my personal backyard!

What are your thoughts?

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